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Saturday, 27 December 2014

Xcode - Our Experience

When using Xcode for the first time it can be a bit tricky. So here's some useful things that we have found out along the way when developing using Swift in Xcode 6.


  • In iOS Simulator:
    • +1 for 100%
    • +2 for 75%
    • +3 for 50%
  • In storyboard:
    • Double click outside of view will toggle between zoomed in and zoomed out
    • There is a keyboard shortcut but it's less efficient

Adding tab to tabbed application
  • Add a view controller from the object library to the storyboard
  • Find the Tab Bar Item from the object library and add it to your new view controller
  • Select the Tab Bar Controller and hold down control and drag onto the new view controller
  • Select view controllers under relationship segue

Custom tab bar items

  • Click on the Images.xcassets folder
  • Right click and select import and navigate to the appropriate item
  • Go to the storyboard and click on the tab bar item you want to give a custom item
  • Set the image and title

Using table views

Adding layout constraints

  • Go to the storyboard
  • From the hierarchy of scenes:
    • Hold down control and click on the view that will constrain your view, i.e. to have a table view take up the entire view for different resolutions you would select the parent view
    • Drag down and select the view you want to constrain
    • Select the constraint type

Adding duplicate component

Hold down alt key and drag on existing component